About Us

Artist-Tees.com specializes in digitally printing full-color images on a variety of garments and other textiles. Our technology enables us to print amazing designs on a wide range of clothing and other items and a very cost-effective price, even for orders as small as one or two shirts. We also work with artists of ALL types, from amateur to professional, to create premium quality items showcasing their art in full color and stunning detail.   The Artist simply uploads the design, provides us with any special instructions, search tags, etc, and we do the rest.   The artist gets a web URL for their item so that they can tell all of their followers about the new item on our site! Artists are, of course, paid for their creations.  For EVERY product you buy that features an artist’s work, they are fairly compensated at a rate mutually agreed upon between ourselves and the Artist.   We firmly believe that artists should be well rewarded for their hard work and creativity. Of course, we also perform custom printing of various products for businesses, organizations, and individuals.   We are able to cost-effectively print one or thousands of items.

We also sponsor T-Shirt Fund Raisers.   They are an especially effective way of raising money for an organization.  Unlike most other fundraisers, there is NO minimum order, NO risk of getting stuck with unsold product, and most importantly, NO risk of running out of the product!   If you need more, we print more, simple as that! We are located in Barnegat, NJ.   While we digitally print most items in-house, we can also do traditional screen-printing for those jobs that make sense.


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