DTF Contract Print and Fulfillment

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Artist-Tees.com Contract DTF Pricing  November 2023

Artist-Tees.com offers contract DTF for a wide range of customers…whether you have a few small orders each month, or dozens, even hundreds, of orders every day.


There are two ways we operate.


Self Service

Email sales@artist-tees.com and let us know that you are looking for contract print and fulfillment.  We will set up an account on our design site, https://design.artist-tees.com, with a special contract/wholesale rate that is roughly 25% less than retail.  Transfer cost is based on the size of the images.


You will login there, and use the online designer and products to setup orders.   For dropshipping, you simply put the customer’s name and address as the ship to, choose the shipping options you want, and checkout.   All new customers will be expected to prepay orders with a credit card (or any one of a number of other options other than PayPal).    We will take care of the rest.  Every separate ship-to customer is a separate order.    There are no extra fees, artwork charges, service charges, etc.   What you see is what you pay.


Production time can vary from 1-3 weeks depending on quantities ordered and whether or not we have the transfers in stock or if we have to order them.   We order transfers usually every week, and your image will be included in the next transfer order we submit.   We may, at our discretion, order additional copies of the same image to keep in stock, but that is not guaranteed.


Full Service – Higher volume, with appropriate access to customer’s cart platform (Shopify, etc).

These rates assume the client’s ecommerce platform supports integration with ShipStation.com.  (https://www.shipstation.com/partners/?integrations=carts+marketplaces)     Alternatively, customer will provide appropriate access to Artist-Tees.com to manage and process orders online without having to manually re-type addresses, tracking numbers, etc.    


These prices do NOT include the cost of the garment.   Garments purchased by Artist-Tees are billed at cost plus 20%.   If there are shipping costs incurred from the supplier, those are also billed, prorated based on the value of the merchandise ordered for the client relative to other items on the order, if any.


Anything ‘extra’ that is ordered on behalf of the client may be kept in inventory for that client.  Artist-Tees reserves the right to purchase any overstock from the client.


Client may also have product drop-shipped to Artist-Tees.   There is a check-in fee of $0.50 per item.   Misprints and mistakes will happen, due to machine or human error.  The client is responsible for replacement of any misprinted blanks.



Bulk DTF Transfer Charges

DTF transfers are gang printed on sheets up to 22″ x 120″.   

Transfers must be prepaid at time of order and will be stocked at Artist-Tees.com.  They have a long shelf life of many months.

22″ x 60″ Gang Sheets:  $60    (10 10.5″ x 11.5″ images)

22″ x 120″ Gang Sheets:  $100  (20 10.5″ x 11.5″ images)


Individual unganged DTF Transfer Charges.

Images up to 10.5″ x 11.5″, $7.00 each.


DTF Press Charges

DTF transfers are applied to the garment with a heat press.  The press charge for most products is $1.50 per transfer.

Certain items that are more complicated, such as sleeves, legs, etc., are $2.00 or more per transfer.



T-Shirts are typically packed and mailed in white poly mailers or USPS provided Priority Mail Boxes or envelopes using the UPS Ground, USPS Ground Advantage or USPS Priority Mail rate, whichever is least expensive.   Tracking is always provided.    Larger orders can ship via UPS (Ground or Air).

USPS pickup is approximately 10:00 AM every day.

UPS pickup is 4:00 PM every day.

Postage/shipping is billed at cost plus 15%.

Customer Provided labels and postage $0.50 per label handling charge.

Fulfillment, per order  $1.00 for the first item, $0.50 for each of the next 5 items, $0.25 for each additional item over 6.   Includes packaging materials.   Stickers, Brochures, extras, are considered an additional item, even if ‘free’.


Additional services, typical charges:

Attach single hang-tag to garment, $0.50

Retail Quality precision fold and bag in clear sealed poly bag, T-Shirts:  $1.25

Apply customer provided heat-transfer neck tag, $0.75