Design Ideas and Artwork

Wondering where to get ideas and artwork for your designs?   Here are some resources for you to consider.  Remember, we are available to help you with your design, all we ask is that you give us an idea of what you want.   Unless you are providing a ‘ready to print’ design, We may charge a nominal fee for setting up a design, typically $10-$20, but very complex designs can be more.

Artwork can be submitted in the following formats in order of preference.

  • PNG, Adobe Photoshop – File must have a transparent background and must be 300 DPI or more and sized as you want it printed.   This means if you’re image is 10 inches wide, it should be 3000 pixels wide.  All blank space above, below and to the sides must be removed.
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator), SVG, EPS, Adobe PDF – Be sure all text is converted to outlines and all images are embedded.  Images should be 300 DPI for best results.
  • JPEG or any other file – File should be 300 DPI or more and as you want it printed.    
  • Photo of an existing design, shirt, or even a hand drawn scribble on a napkin.  

In cases where the file needs to be edited or redrawn to meet the printing requirements, there may be a small artwork fee, typically ranging from $10 to $30 or more, depending on the complexity.

Adobe Stock Images

You can find a great deal of amazing artwork and designs at   We recommend you set a filter for “Vectors” as those are the most flexible types of files to work with.  But we can deal with anything you find.    Every file has a file number.  You can download a preview top set up a draft layout, but once you have your design in mind, simply provide us with the file number and we can purchase the license for a small fee.


Etsy is an amazing resource for images and designs.   When searching, try including “svg” or “vector” or “file” in your search terms.  You want to find listings that are “file only”, “JPG”, “PNG”, “SVG”, Vector Files, etc.  Typically they are under $5.00.   You can purchase the file you want, or email us the link to the listing and we can purchase it for you. 

Canva is a very popular site many of our customers use to create their designs.   You can choose from clipart on their site, or import artwork from other places as well.   Once you have a design you like simply share the design within Canva with   

Google Images

Use Google Images to search for design ideas.    If you find something you like, copy the URL and send it to us.